You have an idea you are working on but don’t know what the next steps should be?

We support entrepreneurial talents in monetizing their ideas, moving methods, patents, IP, biomarkers, or devices from idea/discovery via business model to starting a company.

We help you understand how to:

  • Conduct qualitative & quantitative market research to test your value proposition
  • How to build the right team
  • Identify the most resource effective way to launch MVP
  • Turn an idea into a high potential IP opportunity

No consulting attitude but focused on bringing your idea to life.

Our services for you include:

  • Pre-product/service validation 

We help you conduct qualitative & quantitative market research to test your value proposition in the most cost and time effective manner with all the possible stakeholders involved.

  • Business model strategy

We help you drive social and commercial success by identifying possible business models that fit your venture vision and bring lasting change.

  • Product design & strategy

We help you translate your vision into a practical MVP that enables you to quickly go into the market and generate tight feedback loops to fuel your further iterations. We help you conceptualise how to design an engaging user and customer experience that increases engagement within your offering and generates  greater word of mouth.

  • Funding

We help you become aware of traditional and innovative ways of raising capital, which strategy is best suited for your situation and how to effectively pitch your venture to potential investors based on your strengths, positioning and value proposition.

  • Co-Founder As-A-Service & Outsourcing IP

We help to find external entrepreneurs who are willing to bring your discoveries and IP to market, especially if you have no time or option to start a company.