Transform your research into a powerful venture for good

We support entrepreneurial talents in tech-based startups to transition from lab to market, offering expertise and networks to get people started in their first company, developing ideas, methods, technology, or any IP into a successful venture.

At Parallel Space, we believe research & educational institutions play a fundamental role in positively shaping the present and future of humanity.

We are the glue between great ideas and entrepreneurship.

Our startup advisory works side by side with them to empower their scientists and students to turn their technological discoveries into impactful products and services oriented towards meeting the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development goals, providing a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet.

Our Industries

Health & Wellbeing

Everything from biomarkers, mental wellbeing, apps, digital health to fitness products.


Green cities & Sustainability

From circular economy to vertical farming, sustainability is at the heart of what we support.


Social Sciences

Supporting startups who work at the intersection of humanities, communities and behaviour change.


Translational Deep-Tech

Transfer technologies that can be used in multiple verticals like artificial intelligence, blockchain or the metaverse.

Focus Areas

Our services are targeted at early-stage startups, research and educational organizations that want to build a strong and innovative startup ecosystem. Our focus areas include:

Idea Stage

The team consists of only part-time founder(s) and the specifications for a minimum viable product including wireframes and system designs are discussed or under way. Founders have developed IP but is not sure how to monetize it. 

Early Startup Stage

The team consists of part- or full-time founder(s) and is in the process of hiring initial employees or outsourced services. The team works toward an MVP and has a clear idea but lacks expertise to fund and scale the spin-off.

Startup Habitat

The institute/university/organization wants to establish or improve its start-up ecosystem to foster spin-offs and encouraging researchers to be entrepreneurs.

" With the help of Parallel Space we could tremendously improve our pitch, our business strategy, and the structure of our Advisory Board. They also showed us new business development opportunities into new markets. As first-time founders, the help was truly valuable! "

Sandra Paz de Lucas, Co-Founder & CMO at Empident