About Us

At Parallel Space, we believe research is a fundamental aspect for the creation of a more equitable, sustainable and empowered world.

Our mission is to help purpose led research initiatives aligned to SDG 2030’s goals flourish by providing them with the advice and support needed to make a lasting impact.

Our Values

Win Win Win: we believe successful ventures are the ones that drive impact on a social, environmental and commercial level.

Positive outlook: we believe in supporting ventures who believe in the possibility of creating a better and more equitable future for all.

Human-centered: we believe the most pressing innovations are the ones designed to empower people to better connect with themselves, others and the world.


Adding alternative business models to the startup status quo is a central moral challenge of our time.

We want to help build startups that are both profitable and focused on the greater good, improving your ability to draw high-performing talent, consumers, and capital to achieve internal, social, and environmental goals.

Meet Our Team

With a combined 40 year experience, our experts have the know-how to address the complete innovation life cycle, from early-stage feasibility studies through late-stage product development to market.

Dr. Axel Schumacher

Dr. Schumacher is a serial entrepreneur, author, futurologist, and Co-Founder of HLTH Network, a global tech company at the forefront of digital health and data tokenization. Axel has over 30 years’ experience in the fields of Longevity, Genetics, Digital Health, Epigenomics, Biomarkers, Biobanking, Precision Medicine, Crypto, Pharma R&D, with additional expertise in Content Marketing, Game Theory, Business Strategy, Technology Development, Strategic Innovation, and Drug Development. Axel is a board advisor in two stealth startups and co-founded three research organizations, among them a large international pandemic preparedness consortium. Axel is the author of the “Blockchain & Healthcare Strategy Guide”, a ‘must-read’ for decision makers in the digital healthcare vertical. Axel is particularly well known for his work in epigenetics. He invented the first microarray technologies for epigenetic biomarker discovery that eventually led to the discovery of 'epigenetic clocks', developed the ‘epigenetic theory of ageing’ with his research leading to the worldwide first proof of whole genome epigenetic abnormalities in Alzheimer's disease. Axel is also a member of the Blockchain Research Institute in Toronto, the world’s leading Blockchain Think Tank. Axel developed business models in the field of blockchain technology, microarray technology, IV therapies, artificial intelligence, microfluidics, genomics, cryptocurrencies, tokenomics, mobile apps, epigenomics, medical cannabis, online dating, fitness/wellness & animal genetics. Axel’s mission is to translate scientific discoveries into practical digital applications to help understand and prevent complex disorders, and to transform the way we age. He holds a Ph.D. in Human Genetics from the University of Cologne/Germany.

Filippo di Lenardo

Third-time entrepreneur with a relentless aspiration to create products and services that can meaningfully improve people’s lives. His desire to understand how to make a positive change and amplify the impact business can have on society brought me to work with leading experts in the field of business strategy, consumer psychology, behavioural science,  and human wellbeing. He is the founder of FDL consulting, a boutique agency specialised in helping organisations understand how to create engaging, innovative, and sustainable customer experiences that drive commercial success and positive change. Filippo is also the co- founder of 3SSENTIA, an AI powered wellbeing platform designed to help remote workers reduce emotional volatility, increase their levels of vitality and live a healthier work-life balance. When is not working, you will find him enjoying some good Italian food or reading research papers and books on topics such as neuroscience, philosophy, economics and technology.